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Brace yourselves for The End is Near

Brace yourselves for The End is Near


The first week has ended without any major setbacks – a new ADP draft was adopted (see Taylor’s post), countries reiterated their commitments to the Green Climate Fund (view total commitment), and France and India launched the International Solar Energy Alliance.

Now it’s time for the exciting Week Two, whereby the real action (drama?) begins. Will developed countries contribute to the Green Climate Fund? Can we put a price on carbon? What will US and China do? Can we reach a legally binding agreement? We will find out over the next five days. (At this point, I think we should start a poll where people can place bets on the negotiation outcomes.)

Anyhow, nations will kickoff the week with National Statements on Mondays and Tuesdays. Negotiations are scheduled to conclude on Wednesday and be adopted on Friday.  We will be watching the negotiations closely and tweeting realtime. So stay tuned!

Watch live negotiations here

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US & China in COP21

US & China in COP21


On Monday, December 30, Heads of States from all around world kick started the 2-week long conference with their opening statements. Most acknowledged the urgency of the climate problem and called for global action to tackle the problem. However, such multilateral platforms are as much an outlet for colorful displays of diplomatic rhetoric as a place for negotiations. The true test of political will comes in the subsequent negotiations, where negotiators attempt (or not) to resolve key differences and challenges.

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