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Author: Tyler Stern

A World Worth Fighting For

A World Worth Fighting For

Good morning friends,

The vibe has changed here after the U.S. election. The walkways still bustle with people from all over the world. Scientists and businessmen and women still engage passerby with information about their organizations or research. But an air of uncertainty has fallen. American presenters noted they would not be taking any questions about the results of the election. Communication directors stood by to ensure that nothing inflammatory was said. Even the U.S. Green Building Council (USBGC) had to remind me that it “is a non-partisan organization.”

I’ve picked up a little Arabic and French since I arrived last Friday. And by a little, I mean I can thank someone and order an omelette with cheese.


But I didn’t need to be a UN-level translator to recognize the word “Trump” spoken by the Moroccan security guards at the gates of the complex. Everyone is thinking about it. No one is really talking about it, at least publicly. We don’t know the implications yet, and we’re not sure if the delegates know either.

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