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Could you introduce your work a little bit?

We have a project called 2020 or Bust!, which is designed to mobilize 500,000,000 individuals around the world by 2020 to take a specific set of actions individually. That in 2020, we will reduce the global emissions by 8 gigatons, which right now is the gap between where the UN and the Paris Agreement leaves us what we actually have to do in the crisis.


What was your reaction when you saw that Trump became your future president?

Of course Trump being elected is not good.  As a climate activist, as a gay man, as somebody with the brain, it is not good. However, I think it is an opportunity for people to really wake up to what the government never set up to make life good to you. It is not ideal. It is a risk that he will denounce the Paris Agreement, it is a risk that he will completely dissemble the United Nations, I mean, all of that stuff is a risk. With the Paris Agreement, hopefully what they put into effect last week, will keep him from being actually come out of it, but again, as long as your kind of thinking is, that it is the agreement that makes all the difference, it is the same kind of mindset that got him elected. So the UN disagreement is not going to end the climate crisis, far from it. It is going to be civil society getting in and saying ‘this is our problem, this is our deal, this is our planet, this is our humanity, this is our future, and we are going to take the action to do something about it, and the government can do whatever the government does. So I just think it is an opportunity to actually wake up as opposed to just getting violently depressed, which I suspect, since the returns happen.


Do you think it can be a period of trouble for the United States after this selection?

Totally. Trump is going to rule the world. Very very bad. People make the comparison: this is like a textbook case of Fascism. People are afraid, people are unsure, people are unsafe, and Trump has got the simple answer, not to do with the facts.


In your opinion, who voted for Trump? What was the problem?

People that were afraid. People that were afraid of terrorism and unemployment.


– Laughlin Artz, climate activist, executive director of 2020 or Bust!, and the founder of Context News. Specializing in language and its impact on global culture and the human condition, Artz has been a leader and innovator for over two decades in the fields of cultural transformation and contextual activism. He has brought to large corporations and international organizations a unique approach for empowering management and teams to successfully realize unreasonable commitments and visionary projects.

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