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How has climate change affected your life and work?

During last year, in our community, people had less water. Because of climate change, we have to grow the crops that we used to grow at different times. For example, we used to harvest bananas in August, but now we cannot harvest them in August anymore. Native seeds don’t grow the same way because sometimes, for example, there is too much sun. Because of climate change, we don’t find the same plants in the same months. It also happens on animals, because they can no longer find the same plants to eat. It is all a chain. Everything has changed.

What do you hope to get from being at the conference?

I want our voices to be heard. We live in an environment that is risky, because forests are being affected. I think coming here is important for not just to be heard, but also because we are worried about water, about forests, things that belong to all of us.

What is something you wish more people knew about indigenous peoples?

We are not just here to complain. I would like our culture to be known, the diversity that we are trying to protect. We are not just indigenous people. We are trying to help the others too.

– Luis Miguel Tayori Kendero, Representative from Ejecutor de Contrato de Administracion de la Reserva

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