Nov 11th: Last Day in Morocco

Nov 11th: Last Day in Morocco

Today was the last day; I cannot believe a week has flown by so quickly. We started the morning with our last breakfast at the Riad and off to the conference we went. The first session we sat in on was a global climate action showcase focusing on energy. Energy is a key topic–it’s a pretty new concept but it’s pivotal to our future conceptions of renewable energy. 2.9 billion people don’t have access to cook cleanly, and 1.8 billion can’t access clean energy. There needs to be a focus on a decarbonized world, drop of price in renewables, and give a larger role to women. They also emphasized public and private collaboration, which creates more effective policy.

After that, I wandered around some of the other exhibits and gathered last minute information. I also did one last walk through of all the countries pavilions to say my goodbyes. We got lunch and then headed to the Green Zone.

In the Green Zone, we walked around the different booths. One of the booths was about catching fog and turning it into clean drinkable water in hilly dry areas. They even had samples of the water to taste. We also talked with people making art out of completely recycled materials. It was a short day because we had to go back and get ready for our travels. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to the COP. Though it was sometimes tiresome, it was also incredibly interesting, and there were always people to meet, sessions to attend, and exhibits to explore.

We then walked back to the hotel, and said bye to Kate who is off to Spain. We grabbed a quick dinner and shuttled into a taxi headed for Casablanca, to spend the night before our 7am flight. Tomorrow morning, we head out bright and early back to Atlanta.

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