Nov 5th: Our Journey

Nov 5th: Our Journey

Hello all,

Jennie, Emily, Tyler and I (4 of the 5 Emory delegates heading to Morocco) left Emory at around 3 to head to the airport for our big adventure! We got some food to chow down on, and of course Emily had to make a quick pit stop to grab her selfie stick, and then we were all ready to go.

The first flight was to Paris, it was overnight but rather smooth with good movies too! Tried to work on my research paper… won’t go into too much detail about how that went. Once we got to Paris we had a four-hour layover, and then we flew to Casablanca.

Morocco was ready for us! Once we got to Casablanca everything was COP 22 (the name of the conference) themed! the entire airport had transformed and people led the way to a private lounge for us to wait to take a setup bus to Marrakech. As we drove along, police escorted all the billboards had been changed to be environmental-friendly adds.

During the three hour drive, we saw the country, which was mainly composed of dessert. We barely saw any towns until we got to the city, which was hustle and bustling. It took a while to get to the riad (hotel), but we made it. We went on an adventure to get some food and cash near the main square and came back to eat and share stories. Finally, we went to bed, and woke up to see the beautiful Riad this morning. Adventure awaits, today is our day of sightseeing!!!!

Lastly, I want to write about what I hope to gain from this experience so I have a point of reference at the end of my trip. I hope to be able to push myself this next week, to explore and go out of my comfort zone (safely). I want to be trusting while enhancing my “street-smart” skills and I want to learn and soak up information like a sponge because this is such a unique opportunity. I want to meet new people, network, and learn from others my listening and being curious and inquisitive.

The airport and drive form Casablanca to Marrakech:


 Our first night Riad (Hotel):


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