Nov 6th: First Full Day in Morocco

Nov 6th: First Full Day in Morocco

So it Begins: First Full Day in Morocco

Today was our first full day in Morocco, and because the conference doesn’t start until tomorrow we got to explore the city!

We started off with breakfast at our Riad, and then walked over (through a palace) to the Riad we are staying at for the rest of our trip. This one is even more beautiful! After being welcomed with tea and cookies we set up our plan for the day and headed out.

We started with a horse carriage ride to the Jardin Majorelle which was serene and beautiful compared to the ever so hectic city. I was also interviewed about the garden for a Chinese news program which airs in Africa???? Then we grabbed a bite to eat. We then went to the Moroccan Photography Museum, which wasn’t that interesting but had views over the entire city! After that, we walked through the market place (called the souk) where there were so many vendors and it was filled with color, people, lanterns, spices, and more.

Palace and Garden



The old city of Marrakech is filled with tiny alleyways and it is easy to get turned around, but fun to explore. We made it back to our hotel and welcomed our 5th delegate, Kate, who had just flown in with a traditional Moroccan four course meal!!!

Marrakech is such an interesting city; it is developed in some ways and not in others. There are definitely gender discrepancies where people would always go up to Tyler before any of the other of us because he is a he. In a group, I feel very safe, but I can’t imagine being here alone. Tomorrow the conference starts! So I’m off to bed to get some sleep, so tusbih ealaa khayr or goodnight!

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