Nov 7th: New Kids on the COP

Nov 7th: New Kids on the COP

Today was our first day at the COP 22! It was a bit hectic getting there because the roads were packed and it rained all day long. We went through security and got our official badges, then entered the arena. The conference is the size of a mini city with large tents holding different conference centers, meeting spaces, and exhibitions. It was rather overwhelming because there is so much, and the conference is paperless so it’s a bit tricky to find out the schedule.

We started the morning sitting in on the SBSTA opening plenary, which was quite dry, but went over the Paris agreement and the countries assigned to do research and propose sections at future hearings at the conference.

Here is a quick link to the background of the Paris agreement, settled on last year, which will goes into effect here in Marrakech.

Then we went to hear about developing countries expectations of the COP. After that we got some food (for which we had to wait in an hour line!). Then I wondered around the side exhibits and talked with people from all over the world. Emily, Jennie and I headed to the green zone (an interactive area open to the public) to explore their exhibits and learned about Adaptation of African Agriculture (AAA), which focuses on helping African countries hopefully end food insecurity. We also got to try out virtual audience.

We all reconvened and got on a bus to take us to the center of the city. We got an awesome dinner after a very long day. We had a very interesting conversation over dinner about nuclear energy and it’s controversies.

We then walked back to the Riad and I did some work.

That is all for Monday.

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