Nov 8th: COP 22: Day 2

Nov 8th: COP 22: Day 2

This morning we got to the COP early to meet all the other RINGO (young people) delegates. We all introduced ourselves and I think I am the second youngest person at the entire conference! It was an interesting networking experience, and cool to see the diversity of backgrounds coming to address global warming and climate change.

Today’s theme is “Earth Day” and we went to an information session about the importance of cross-sector collaboration and observation in order to understand and make positive change to the natural world. Afterwards, we got some lunch (which was a little bit better today). Then we explored the different countries, which have pavilions at the COP organized by region that explores that countries climate change action plans. Africa’s region was amazing because Morocco had a really cool display that focused on the importance of Africa, which is a continent that I believe people devalue, and mainly focus on their deficits rather than their assets. Other highlights included Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, USA, and India, which had interactive displays.

Then we headed back over to the Green Zone (public zone). I saw the Facebook stand and then went over to the civil societies section which was really eye-opening. There were lots of art exhibits which displayed climate activism, with graffiti and areal photos, as well as hands-on art making (where we made recycled art).

We left to the town center for a traditional dinner and went back to the hotel to rest up. Nervous to see what the election results will be, but will find out in the morning.


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