The Emory Climate Coalition is a collaboration between Emory’s three climate centered student organizations: Emory Climate Organization, Emory Climate Analysis and Solutions Team, and The Climate Reality Project; Emory University Chapter. It was founded in late 2020 after the groups had found themselves working together for multiple months. As a part of the Emory Climate Coalition, members found power in uniting to amplify their voices and encourage substantial change in Emory’s climate policy.

On-Campus Action

In April 2021, the Coalition hosted a virtual climate strike and announced their expectations of Emory University: Sign the Race to Zero, join the Climate Leadership Network, and pledge to commit substantial institutional resources to addressing the climate crisis. These demands were designed to encourage urgency, transparency, and accountability from the Emory administration in regard to the climate issues.

In September 2021, the Coalition hosted an in person strike to further pressure the administration. We heard from student and faculty speakers, made posters, and marched from Asbury Circle to the Administration building with over 125 student attendees.

Partnership with Administration

On Wednesday, October 13, 2021, representatives from all member organizations of the Emory Climate Coalition met with President Greg Fenves and Associate Vice President Ciannat Howett to discuss how the Emory administration should take climate action moving forward. President Fenves officially signed the Race to Zero and Climate Leadership Network. More importantly, he and the Associate Vice President agreed to commit to continued action addressing climate change and climate justice and an ongoing partnership with student and faculty leaders in climate action.

Climate Campaign Updates