Humans of COP21: Jeff Horowitz

Humans of COP21: Jeff Horowitz


“I’m at the COP because I have three film projects that I am screening, two of them with Jane (Goodall). One is Stop the Burning, which is this 9-minute clip on the fact that deforestation is alive and well and we’ve got to stop it cold. The second is Time to Choose which is a 90-minute full feature film about climate change and solutions. The third is two of episodes of Years of Living Dangerously with Arnold Schwarzenegger and a lot of other people who are part of the series who are here to help bring awareness. The message to millennials is ‘its your generation, you cant ever tolerate the fact that the older generation is screwing up your planet and if the younger generation would rise up as loudly as they can tell their parents that they’re not gonna take it’ that’s the message.”

-Jeff Horowitz, Founding Partner of Avoided Deforestation Partners and Emmy-winning co-producer and story consultant for Showtime documentary series Years of Living Dangerously

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