Humans of COP21: Kate Knuth

Humans of COP21: Kate Knuth


“I’m a Minnesotan. I currently work at the University of Minnesota at the Institute on the Environment. I also serve as a citizen member of Minnesota’s Environmental Quality Board which is an executive branch board of 9 state agency commissioners and 5 citizen members. I’m here at the COP as an eye-witness to a really historic moment in the world in terms of dealing with the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced and the biggest opportunity to show what is best about people. I’m also working on a dissertation about how we transition to sustainability and the different approaches and work that needs to be done to do that. I was actually in Copenhagen for COP15 and the feeling in Paris is different. There is more energy outside of and inside of the COP and I think the idea that everyone has something to contribute not everyone has something to take is a really powerful one and I that shift is something that I’m starting to feel in Paris.”

-Kate Knuth, PhD Candidate at the University of Minnesota and Former Representative in the Minnesota House (one of the youngest in it’s history)

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